Intramuscular nutrient injection treatments consist of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, other B vitamins, some minerals, and/or a few amino acids.  Various formulations exist based on your individualized need.  These are designed to aid in providing some energy, immune, and other health-related support, ideally, in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Nutrients delivered intramuscularly bypass the gut and are delivered into the muscle and then enter the bloodstream. This helps get nutrients right into the body without worrying about anything happening in the gut that might affect the absorption of nutrients.  Amounts of nutrients delivered intramuscularly are less than what can be delivered intravenously.

Injections are performed intramuscularly (into the muscle), most commonly into the deltoid muscle on your upper arm or into your gluteal muscles in your buttock.

These injections can be part of your active or proactive wellness treatment plan which will be determined following an initial naturopathic assessment with Dr. Suhani.

Intramuscular injection therapy

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